Red Ass Downhill State Championships – Ourimbah

Last weekend it was the turn of downhill to come under scrutiny of the lens. Gil and I travelled up to Ourimbah on the New South Wales Central Coast this time to shoot the Red Ass ACT/NSW State Downhill Championships. The aim of the shoot was to get some ideas for new angles, locations from the Ourimbah downhill track and just to have a bit of fun while we were at it. I shot only in the first 200m of the downhill track this time, there is more than enough features there to keep me happy shooting for the day whilst Gil shot at the features lower down. The shots below are a small sample from the day. More images can be viewed and purchased from Richard McGibbon Photography or Giro Photo

Shimano GP – Ourimbah

So another weekend over and this last weekend we were up shooting at Ourimbah on the Central Coast near Sydney. This time it was the next and final instalment of the Shimano GP put on by Rocky Trail Entertainment. Despite the threat of rain the weather turned out great. There was 2 events being run simultaneously on the day with around 190 competitors entered. Both races were run on the same track of around 8.5kms per lap. One race lasted 4 hours whilst the other went for 7 hours. There was a bit of carnage too, I think I saw about 5 people go down in front of me, though there was no serious injuries. You can find the complete collection online here

Shimano GP – Mt. Annan

The Shimano MTB race was a great event. This was our first event where we teamed up so we could capture as much of the action as possible. The race was based on a circuit with each lap taking about 30 mins and was a choice of either a 4 hour race or a 7 hour race. The winner was the on who completed the most circuits in that period of time. Gil covered the start while I moved off up the track and set up for the first group of competitors to come through. After that we moved between different spots where we thought would capture the action best. I think between us we took around 2500 shots. These shots are on sale for private use download at We decided to pool the photos together to make it simpler for all the competitors to find all there photos all in one place rather than having to search between two different websites. If you were a competitor be sure to go over there and search for your number and check out the shots we got of you. If you weren’t a competitor your very welcome to go over and check out some of the action from the day.