JetBlack 12Hr, James Estate Winery


Jetblack’s 12hr mountain bike race recently went down at the James Estate Winery. Situated in N.S.W.’s beautiful wine region of the Hunter Valley the winery has constructed a series of trails that runs through the vineyards and single trails into the bush at the back of the land. As you might have guessed Gil and I were up there to cover all the happenings and goings on over the weekend. Also there was Jason English in order to defend his title which he did successfully making it his 5th 12hr in a row.

The James Estate Winery is near the small town of Denman in the Upper Hunter Valley. Graeme Scott, the winery’s manager, has worked hard to open up and maintain the trails around the vineyard and the land bordering the Wollemi National park. For Events such as this he also opens up one of his paddocks and turns it into a campground. Many people took advantage of the camping while others set up base in the nearby towns.

This year’s race drew in almost 400 competitors raced and around 200 spectators. Many were familiar faces for Gil and I from the Shimano GP series but there was also plenty of new faces as well which was great to see. The  race was run on the same track as this year”s Shimano GP. Originally planned for a 9am start race organisers decided to delay until 10 to give everyone a chance to warm up a bit after the cold night before the race started. The start area was amidst the tents of the campground with stalls for tasting wine and local produce. At 10am the race got underway.

Gil and I wandered the track over the day. Gil took the vineyard this time while I set off to the single trail in the back. It was great conditions as far as the weather was concerned, at least where I was, cool but not to the point of being cold at least until later. Gil mentioned something about a cold gusty wind where he was up on the hill but in the sun and protected by the trees things were lovely. As the race moved on into the evening and darkness fell so did the temperature. Those watching and those waiting for their next lap moved closer to the bonfires burning around the basecamp and we all rugged up tighter. Gil climbed the hill behind the Vineyard and got a wonderful view across the area and the lights of the centre and competitors circling it. I stayed around the base and shot the competitors as they came in through the camp again. After the race people gathered around the bonfires near the start area for presentation.

Gil has created a wonderful slideshow with some of the weekend’s highlights that you can see below. And below that you will find  few of our favourite shots from the day.

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Gravity Rollercoaster, Kempsey

Gravity Enduro State Round, Kempsey, 2014

A new track is now officially on the circuit of mountain bike racing, Kempsey. The State round of the Gravity Enduro was held up there a couple of weekend’s ago.

For those that have not heard of it before Gravity Enduro is a mix of downhill and enduro racing. Competitors will ride a technical downhill section but then have to pedal through an enduro section style of track. The bikes that are being ridden are also a mix of enduro and downhill styles.

This was the first time that the race had been run at the purposely built track and by all reports the track went down well among the competitors. With Gil away visiting family I traveled up there by myself and set up camp at the nearby Hat Head National Park. There was only a small number of competitors who made the trek up and with 2 tracks running it was difficult to get a shot of everyone.

One thing that made the track really special from the photographers point of view was in the afternoon there was some seriously beautiful backlighting streaming in through the trees.

Because of the small number of competitors in this race and the fact that we would like a few new followers on our FB page I decided to release all the images on FB for people to share around. You can find the complete set on our FB page here If you haven’t done so already swing by and give us a like.