Mountain Adventure


As adventure-sports photographers we get to be a part of so many great events and over last weekend we got to add another one to our growing list, the Kathmandu Adventure Series held in the Blue Mountains national park.  The event run by Maximum Adventure is not our first of this style but the location at Euroka Clearing, just a few minutes away from Glenbrook NSW is new for us.  Great location, great event and great weekend.  Richard and I arrived Friday to scout some of the course and then got to enjoy minus degree Celsius temperatures and with what appeared to be some sleet.   Top this off with some new lookouts for us to gaze out from atop during sunset and sunrise made a top weekend and the event had not even started yet.

The event kicked off the next morning with a bang as competitors raced out in every possible direction from the start line picking up orienteering check points as they ran.  Trying to photograph this chaotic charge of energized adventurers trying to warm up limbs in the cold is no easy feat.  You cannot plan where they will go, attempts to do so proved fruitless, and if you sit and wait they seem to all arrive at your chosen vantage point at once creating a busy frame.  Things after that proved a little less challenging as they headed out on mountain bike and foot along single tracks to reach the further ends of the course.  From here they either paddled their kayak or took up another run leg along some cool gullies with fresh running water bubbling away in the background.

One thing I witnessed was the chatter and relaxed, fun attitude people were having out on the course.  Of course there were many focused on the win, a personal-best or simply beating their mates which is great to see but what followed really showed what these events are all about, getting outdoors.  This was evident that evening sitting upon Nepean river lookout, laughing at jokes about the days event while cooking dinner that night, its not the end result and winning that matters its the journey and the experiences getting there and appreciating them while there.

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Until next event, enjoy.

Gil – Richard.