Shimano GP round 5: Mt Annan


A couple of weekends ago was round 5 of the Shimano GP. It was held at the now familiar Mt. Annan Botanical Gardens. As it is a race that is close to the city it always attracts a great turn-out. Mt. Annan also turned on the other thing it is now famous with me for, hot weather. We have shot some scorchers out there with the thermometer pushing 46C. Thankfully although it wasn’t quite that hot it was nudging the 30C mark.

Gil headed out to the back of the track and started his day off around the big berm out there. He got some fantastic shots just nearby at a small rollover of people taking to the air. I spent the majority of the day hiding in the cool shade of the trees. There is some great forested sections  and tree tunnels in the gardens. Although I searched for new shots I found myself dragged back to old favourites as well.

Only the final race left now at Mowbray farm, A new track means lots of new angles and lot’s of new locations to shoot from. Be sure and keep an eye out for those upcoming images.

You can see the full gallery of  Mt Annan images here. Don’t forget that if you raced then you can download all your images free thanks to the great folks over at Shimano. Just drop us a line if you need the password and we shall sort things out for you.