Great Adventure Challenge

Team Data#3, Great Adventure Challenge

Last weekend we were up at Cam’s Wharf on the NSW Central Coast covering Maximum Adventure’s Great Adventure Challenge and it rained and rained and rained. But it didn’t dampen the smiles and the enthusiam for a great day out.

The Great Adventure Challenge or GAC is an adventure race for corporate teams where they raise money for the Starlight Foundation. 17 teams from various companies compete on the day doing a variety of disciplines including mountain biking, trail running and kayaking with a bit of orienteering throw in for good measure. The wet weather added a new element into the event as well.

The rain started about half an hour before we were due to start shooting and continued all morning. It turned the tracks into rather treacherous trails with a 10cm layer of thick mud on top. One of our photographers managed to get himself stuck in the mud on his way out to his location and had to be towed out. Although he didn’t reach his location for the day getting bogged provided us with a new shot of competitors running along a muddy road and playing in the puddles that was definitely unique to the day

Unfortunately due to safety concerns and the impact the competitors would have on the trails through the National Park the race had to be cut short slightly. The rain kept up through the day but it started to ease off in the afternoon until it dried up about half an hour before we were due to finish up.  Although we had full wet weather gear on we were all pretty thoroughly soaked through by the end of the day. Water always seems to find a way to get in.

Here is a selection of shots that we got from our locations throughout the day

Written by Richard McGibbon

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