Cannonball MTB: Rockshox Pump Track Challenge

After a great start to racing on day 1, riders took to the mountain for seeding runs in the wearelusty Downhill Australian Open.  Runs were hampered a bit by the weather with sporadic rain but the track is holding up well and riders are looking forward to race runs on Sunday.

In the evening the Village was taken over by crowds and the excitement of the ROCKSHOX Pump Track Challenge, as the event built in energy the daylight slowly dipped behind the peaks.

After the seedings runs were completed the action really heated up with the head to head knockout competition saw the top eight riders in the elite and U19 men/women battled out for bragging rights.

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The Big Weekend Down South


So there we go, another huge enduro race and a big start the season of downhill here in NSW. This weekend saw one of the biggest enduro events to date and just goes to show that the sport is on the up and up.

Cold nights and warm days made for some great mtb weather in the Snowies over the weekend. Kicking off the weekend was the Rollercoaster on the Flow trail. Not a lot of overly technical sections on this trail but a lot of fast flowing berms. Gil took the lift up and covered the top half of the mountain while I walked up and shot the bottom section. The smooth fast berms saw a lot of folks coming in low as they flew past, laying into the berms as far as they could go.

Sunday saw the start of the DH season for us. Many familiar faces were out on track along with a lot of new ones. This time Gil and I swapped, me heading up top and Gil walking from the bottom. A cool breeze right up top meant I didn’t linger too long but quickly headed down to warmer climes. I tried revisiting a couple of old favourites on the way down but really wanted to shoot a new location. I settled in on a corner and the trees just above Snakes an Ladder and spent most of the race there just trying different angles.

Thredbo always puts on great races and its always a chance to get away for a few days before hand to explore the region. I’m already looking forward to our next visit down there.

All the images were supplied to the competitors for the Rollercoaster courtesy of Fox Racing Australia and BH Bikes. The downhill images were supplied by Redass.  Be sure and swing by their Facebook pages and say thanks. And of course to Rocky Trail Entertainment who brought it all together and put on yet another awesome weekend.

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You can swing by Rocky Trails website and check out all the results


Redass State Downhill, Round 4: Stromlo


The weekend gone saw Gil and I make the trip down to Canberra to cover the final round of the Redass State Downhill at Mount Stromlo Forest Park and put on by Rocky Trail Entertainment.

It’s the first time I have shot downhill racing at Stromlo. Gil and I started at the top then leapfrogged our way down. It can be hard to shoot at Stromlo as the light becomes quite harsh through the day and race day was no exception. Birght blue skies and a glaring sun kicked up some harsh shadows on the course. During times like this you really need to pick the location well and let the rider ride through a sunpatch or use flashes to lift them out of the shadows. The track was dry and dusty which can make for some great shots though as the dust gets thrown up and can really add a sense of movement to the shots.

There is some great features on the course including the Rock Garden, G20, Road Gap and Triple Treat. Unfortunately they also took a toll on the riders this time round. Perhaps as it was the final round the riders put that extra bit into the race and pushed themselves just a bit too far. The dust also can be rather treacherous for the riders taking away from the grip of the tyres.

All in all it was a great finish to a great season. There is a few smaller races to coming but but the next big one will be the Cannonball at Thredbo again. Hope to see you all there.

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Gravity Rollercoaster, Kempsey

Gravity Enduro State Round, Kempsey, 2014

A new track is now officially on the circuit of mountain bike racing, Kempsey. The State round of the Gravity Enduro was held up there a couple of weekend’s ago.

For those that have not heard of it before Gravity Enduro is a mix of downhill and enduro racing. Competitors will ride a technical downhill section but then have to pedal through an enduro section style of track. The bikes that are being ridden are also a mix of enduro and downhill styles.

This was the first time that the race had been run at the purposely built track and by all reports the track went down well among the competitors. With Gil away visiting family I traveled up there by myself and set up camp at the nearby Hat Head National Park. There was only a small number of competitors who made the trek up and with 2 tracks running it was difficult to get a shot of everyone.

One thing that made the track really special from the photographers point of view was in the afternoon there was some seriously beautiful backlighting streaming in through the trees.

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Rollercoaster and Downhill State Champs 2014

Rollercoaster and Downhill, Thredbo, 2014 Copyright: GiroPhoto8

A damp weekend greeted riders for last weekend’s Rollercoaster and Downhill State Championships at Thredbo. With the mountain bike season drawing to a close for the winter down at Thredbo the decision was made to run the races in the rain anyway. Including the training runs on the Friday the event runs over three consecutive days. Gil and I arrived early on Saturday morning and missed what was proclaimed as a very wet and soggy training session on Friday. Many bike were still hosting a fine decoration of mud though come Saturday morning.

 On Saturday the training runs for both the Rollercoaster and the Downhill continued through the morning. The first section of the Rollercoaster track needed to be closed due to an excess of mud and water, it was ankle deep in places. In the afternoon the Rollercoaster got underway. By then the rain had eased a bit.  We started shooting at the top then made our way slowly down. Gil covering many of the tight switchbacks on the tracks and me shooting more out in the open. Since we were shooting more for fun we had a good play around with angles and panning shots. Not good if you want to read competitors numbers but fun for us anyways.  

After heavy rain overnight all that remained was a couple of low lying clouds which burnt of quickly leaving Sunday to the blue skies. A few training runs in the morning and then straight into the downhill in the afternoon. Both Gil and I shot around the top section of mud and rock gardens. I found myself a great little spot and barely moved for the entire race. 

It was the usual dominant faces that took the podiums minus the exceptions that are away for the world cup races at the moment. South Africa was held on the Saturday night while we were down there.

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Australian Gravity Enduro Rnd. 1: Glenworth Valley


A new track and a new race circuit. OuterImage were spoiled with getting the chance to shoot both recently.

  The Australian Gravity Enduro Series kicked off the season with it’s inaugural race at Glenworth Valley one misty morning. The Gravity Enduro is a combination race of technical downhill and rolling single track enduro sections. Gil took the top half of the track, taking the bus up and walking down while I started at the bottom and headed up. Gil’s walk took him through scrubland along the rolling track where competitors had to pedal hard to keep their speed up. Whilst my walk took me through mosquito infested forests and up what was the downhill section. This technical section of track, tight, rocky and steep, got the better of many competitors throwing them from their bikes and although there was a few who had to pull out of the race the injuries were minimal. 

 Elite male category was dominated by Dan MacMunn while the Elite Females fell to Genevieve McKew. 

  The series continues next in Victoria before heading out to South Australia, across to Western Australia, back his way to Stromlo in the ACT  before finishing up later in the year at Cairns in the Queensland. Definitely something to watch out for when it comes your way.

If you are interested in riding this track at Glenworth Valley you will have to wait until the Rollercoaster event hits it later in the year as it will be closed between now and then.

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Red Ass Downhill State Championships – Ourimbah

Last weekend it was the turn of downhill to come under scrutiny of the lens. Gil and I travelled up to Ourimbah on the New South Wales Central Coast this time to shoot the Red Ass ACT/NSW State Downhill Championships. The aim of the shoot was to get some ideas for new angles, locations from the Ourimbah downhill track and just to have a bit of fun while we were at it. I shot only in the first 200m of the downhill track this time, there is more than enough features there to keep me happy shooting for the day whilst Gil shot at the features lower down. The shots below are a small sample from the day. More images can be viewed and purchased from Richard McGibbon Photography or Giro Photo