Jetblack 24hr: Awaba

Jetblack’s Annual 24hr XC race was held at Awaba this year. It was a change from the usual tracks that hold the longer races as for us it meant all the shots would be under the canopy of the trees. Awaba doesn’t have much if any open areas.

Jetblack Twenty Four Hour XC race at Awaba, 2017

Although the weekend started out warm and sunny once the race got underway the clouds moved in bringing with them a few showers. Luckily despite an initial blast from a well aimed storm the rest of the race remained relatively dry. The rain was actually great as it brought the dust level down and provided better traction for the riders and they kept knocking out the laps.

As night fell the 6+6 category retired from the track leaving only the dedicated night riders out on track. For us it meant things slowed a bit on track but it also gave us time to work on our lighting and fine it to get the most out of our shots.

After a couple of hours kip we got up in time to catch the 6+6 riders as they headed back out on to the track. Gil headed out to the northern end of the track while I walked the western side.

24hr races are demanding for the riders but also for us. But in so saying they do provide us with some great photographic opportunities that we wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to shoot.

If you want to see the complete gallery of photos they can be viewed here on our website. If you raced be sure and download your free images courtesy of Bacci Fresh and Jetblack Products.

If you have an event that you would like covered swing on over to Outer Image and touch base with us so we can work out how best to suit your needs


Shimano GP, Round 1, Awaba

Rocky Trail Entertainment's Shimano Gp, Round 1 at Awaba

After previously being rain delayed the first round of Rocky Trail Entertainment’s Shimano Gp got underway at Awaba last weekend. Rain had threatened with delaying the race again but the weather cleared up and although there was a couple of puddles the majority of the track had dried sufficiently beforehand.

It was a great day with a nice cloud cover around for most of the day which also kept the heat down. Clouds are friends to photographers especially when shooting in amongst the trees. Contrast levels are kept right down and we are able to control the lighting much easier.

Awaba is one of those great track where you can walk 50m and find a new angle to shoot and new features to cover. I shot the final section of the track while Gil headed off and covered the start and the middle section. To mix it up and give it a new feel Rocky Trail decided to run the course in reverse to what it would normally be. As far as photography goes this basically means it’s a whole new track for us to shoot as everything becomes different.

There was quite a few familiar faces out on the course but also plenty of fresh ones. In the end it was Andrew Lloyd who took the honours in the male elite category 7hr and Kirby Knowles in the Female Elite 7hrs.

All the photos can be found and purchased here on our website.

The full results from the days race can be found over on Rocky Trail’s website here

Bunnies attack Awaba

Last weekend Outer Image Collective founders Gil and Richard had the privilage of shooting their first event under the new Outer Image banner and a what a great event to kick this off, the Rocky Trail Entertainments Shimano MTB GP.  A mouthful to say the least but so were the handfuls of chocolate eggs being handed out at the rego tent…. MTB riding and choccy great combo for some great images.  Also thankful for the sugar hit from the choccy eggs was Richard who had only returned from Europe the day before and was struggling with jetlag, but soldier he did and nabbed some great images… we may be onto something here.

After chatting to a few riders pre-race about photos and these riders expressing that they want new shots, new angles, new whatever just make it new.  Well this can be a struggle sometimes as we are always in need of capturing race plate numbers so cannot just shoot anywhere, tougher still some numbers get pushed way up by brake and gear cables making them impossible to capture.   We like to think we provided some great shots this round and if any of the Facebook comments and emails we have received are to go buy then we have done just that.

Sarah Neumann:  ” Fantastic photos 🙂 ”  – Facebook
David Land: “Firstly wanted to say that the photos from Round 1 on Monday are excellent!” – email
James Lamb: “… these photos are by far the best I’ve ever seen from a mountain bike race.” – Facebook

Also Richard and I would like to let all the Rocky Trail riders know that we are giving out some prizes this year for the Shimano MTB GP series.  We enjoy the series so much and are very appreciative of all who have supported us last year buying images that we want to give back.   So the following prizes are available for 2013.

1. To the rider who purchase the most images throughout the complete series will win a large scale print of any picture of themselves from any round.  *In case you are not so vain to have a large print of your smiley face on a wall at home, we will happily exchange this for a $50 gift voucher for any image off either Gil’s or Richard’s website galleries.  We have many landscape images both Australia and world wide.

2. To the series winners of the 7-hour solo male and female categories, we will be offering a photo shoot with us shooting some great riding and enviromental portrait shots, with this you will receive one large scale print of your choice and the rest of the images in digital format.   ** Images are for personal use and cannot be resold, gifted or used without OuterImage written consent.

So with the sugar rush gone and round 2 at a new venue, a vinyard – lookout, Richard and I are working on plans for some great image ideas and more.  Well done to all the riders who finished on the podium and to all the rest who just had a great time, we will see you again soon.

cheers Gil and Richard.

Single Track Mind – Awaba


Last Sunday saw me up at Awaba to the north of Sydney. Chocolate Foot were hosting their final event for the Sram Single Track Mind series. An 8 hour enduro and an enduro it was with temperatures pushing up around 35C. Toasty to say the least. There was around 360 competitors who braved the heat. The track led through some beautiful Eucalypt forests and down into a great section of rainforest. Note to self: When shooting in rainforests be sure to use insect repellent. 2 days later and more and more mosquito bites keep showing up.

After 8 hours I think most people had spent all their energy, myself included. I ended up with around about 1200 photos from the day, a fair old collection. Hopefully I have managed to catch everyone at least once. Have a look at the gallery here. If you were a competitor you can search for your number and hopefully get all your shots listed up. Make sure to check the No Number folder gallery as well. These were shots that I couldn’t identify, not many but still a few.