Two weeks in Ourimbah

Shimano GP Round 2

Outer image have been back on track at Ourimbah over the last 2 weeks. After a short break we stuck back into things with the second round of the Shimano GP.

It was a good-sized turnout who hit the tracks with the soundtrack of whip birds and lyre birds singing in the bush. There was lots of familiar faces including many who we haven’t seen for a while but there was also lots of new faces which is always great to see. Ourimbah is only an hour or so from Sydney so it’s a big favourite of Sydney riders

Being that Ourimbah is the Rocky Trail home track, we have been shooting here since we started shooting with them so it’s always a little struggle to find new shots and new angles especially when we have so many favorite spots. When we do stop by a familiar spot on the track and shoot a few shots it’s great to look back at our images from the early races to compare and see how we have progressed and how our vision has changed

You can find the full gallery of Ourimbah Shimano GP images here

Fox Superflow round 3

Same place, different tracks, different race. This time it was the turn of the Superflow enduro racers to hit Ourimbah. Another big turnout with numbers topping the 300 mark this time.

Running on 2 tracks this time Ourimbah tested everyone this time. From the technical sections of lower downhill track to the uphill pedalling on the xc track. While some people did well on one track the other tended to throw them off a bit.

Rocky trail put on some great races which are as much about a day out with friends as it is about the racing. If you are thinking of giving the MTB races a spin definitely check them out and come join the fun. You can find out more about Rocky Trail Entertainment here.

You can see the full set of Superflow images here

Cannonball MTB: Maxxis All Mountain Assault

Cannonball, Maxxis All Mountain Assault, Thredbo, 2017

The first of the events for Cannonball at Thredbo was the Maxxis All Mountain Assault race. With around 400 people it was a busy day out on track for us. Unlike yesterday it was fantastic weather with beautiful blue skies. We took the Gun Barrel lift up and stayed around the top section. Its the first time that either Gil or I had shot this track so for us it was all new.

The rain has moved back in here now which will make for some interesting shooting conditions for the seeding runs of the downhill. There was mention of snow too but I guess we shall see what happens.

You can find the full gallery of images here

If you raced you can search for your number and use the password thredbomtb to download all your images for your own personal use 


Jetblack 12hr: Mowbray Farm

The final laps into the night

The final laps into the night

The final mountain bike race for the 2016 Rocky Trail Entertainment XC season was the Jetblack 12 hour. This year it was held at Mowbray farm MTB track near Picton in the southwest of Sydney. It was a couple of years since we previously shot an XC race there. Though the course was basically the same, weather over the last month or so had altered the terrain around it.

The main change in the features around the course was the missing lake. Heavy rainfall of the previous weeks managed to wash away a dam, draining the lake in the middle of the course. The rain had left the track over-saturated. More rain overnight also added to the puddles, making some sections of the track more like water crossings. Although the previous night had been another wet one, the new day dawned windy but otherwise the weather was great.

Terrain along the track varies quite a bit. It heads through open fields with some nice views across to the city, crosses and drifts along a small creek that was once the lake and heads off into a young pine forest, meanders a back along the creek then up to the start again. There is about 123m vertical over the course which mostly seems to be crammed into the hill at the end . The wet weather had closed a couple of sections of the track making the course shorter and a couple of sections rather slippery. However, the shorter course just meant faster laps, bringing the riders back in front of our cameras more often.

At 10am a mass start sent mountain bikers racing off into the fields. The harsh light in the open fields below the start line meant shooting there was tricky. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before a few clouds came rolling in and softened up the light a bit. Gil set off against the flow and I went with the flow of riders were headed stopping when I came across shots that I liked. By mid afternoon we had both made it probably halfway around the track. We realised the best locations to shoot the sunset would be the fields and dams back near the start so headed back in that direction.

Nightfall saw us both in the fields playing experimenting at using our lights in different ways. Gil lit some of the beautiful old trees in shots and I went to the dams to use the reflections in mine. Chill soon set in around the water’s edge and I headed back up to warm up and await the podiums.

Below are our picks for the race. The full gallery of images that Gil and I captured can be found over on the Outerimage website here

Full results from the race can be found over on the Rocky Trail Entertainment website here

Shimano MTB GP 4 – Mount Annan


  Round 4 in Rocky Trail Entertainment’s Shimano GP went down at Mount Annan and as usual Outer Image was there to cover it. This time however, with Gil away chasing the pelaton in  of the Tour de France, we called up fellow photographer Mikulas Jaros to help out. Mikulas did a great job covering the stages of the course nearest the starting area.

Running through The Australian Botanic Garden at Mt Annan is a course of sweeping berms and long grass. It doesn’t often head through the trees like many of the other courses in the series and as such offers some nice views out across the surrounds. The weather turned on one of its finest winter days for the event keeping the skies nice and blue from start to finish. Rocky Trail, as is normal at their events, did a great job of organising and keeping everything running smoothly.

Below is a small sample of the shots taken on the day. Many more can be found in the galleries here. All images can be purchased for personal use or licensed as needed.



2013 Shimano MTB GP

It is only a week out to the first round of the 2013 Shimano MTB GP series held by Rocky Trail Entertainment.  Outer Image will be on course shooting the event each and every round throughout the year.  It was great fun covering last years series but this year we will be looking for unique and different shots for riders that make this event so great.  Richard unfortunately will not be shooting with me this time as he is enjoying shooting and relaxing in sunny Europe he will be on course with me for round 2, lucky guy.

The dictionary describes the word Nirvana as “a place or state characterized by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry, and the external world”, what better way to describe the enojoyment riders will have at round 1  at Awaba on March 2nd.  The never ending twists and turns should work everyone into a state of focus, lets just hope that the rain doesn’t repeat from the weekend gone by.  I will be out scouting the course on Friday so if taking in a practice lap or just hanging at camp then say hello always great to put names to the faces I see in the viewfinder and have a chat.

I have added a small collection of favourites from last years series, see you out there and ride hard.

cheers Gil.